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Vitamax Oral Liquid veterinary

Vitamax Oral Liquid veterinary (Vitamins, minerals and amino acids) for Uncategorized, Calf, Goat, Sheep, Poultry

Generic Name:

Histidine + Vitamin A + Vitamin E + Tyronine + Vitamin C + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin K3 + Vitamin B2 + Vitamin B1 + Pantothenic acid + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin D3 + Nicotine amide + Iron + Manganese + Zinc + Copper + Cobalt + Iodine + Tryptophan + Magnesium + Alanine + Methionine + Tyrosine + Leucine + Glycine + Glutamic acid + Lysine + Phenylalanine + Proline + Aspartic acid + Valine + Cysteine ​​ + Isoleucine + Arginine + Tyronine + Serine

Dosage Form:

[Oral Liquid]


Vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Indications of Vitamax Oral Liquid veterinary:

An integrated mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and mineral salts that is soluble in water, activates and stimulates metabolism and resistance against diseases and contributes to hepatotoxicity processes, and compensates for vitamin deficiency caused by the use of antibiotics, chemical protective drugs, and repellents in all animals


100,250,500,1000 ml

Usage and dosage for Vitamax Oral Liquid veterinary:

To be used orally with drinking water:
Poultry 200 ml of the preparation per 200 liters of water for 5-7 days
Calves: 200 ml of the preparation per 100 liters of water for 3-5 days.
Sheep and goats: 30-70 ml of the preparation per 100 liters of water for 3-5 days.
Rabbits: 250 ml of the preparation per 100 liters of water for 3-5 days


Each 1 liter contains:
Vitamin A20 MIU
Vitamin E8000 mg
Tyronine680 mg
Vitamin C10mg
Vitamin B126 mg
Vitamin K311.25 g
Vitamin B22.4 g
Vitamin B13g
Pantothenic acid6g
Vitamin B61.3 g
Vitamin D32MIU
Nicotine amide12 g
Iron100 mg
Manganese350 mg
Zinc250 mg
Copper10 mg
Cobalt5 mg
Iodine5 mg
Tryptophan300 mg
Magnesium2500 mg
Alanine1300 mg
Methionine900 mg
Tyrosine440 mg
Leucine1120 mg
Glycine1060 mg
Glutamic acid3360 mg
Lysine1360 mg
Phenylalanine1100 mg
Proline1780 mg
Aspartic acid1560 mg
Valine1240 mg
Cysteine ​​240 mg
Isoleucine460 mg
Arginine1300 mg