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Tetramycine 20%SA Injection veterinary
تترامايسين س أ 20% حقن بيطري
ديمابيرين حقن بيطري
سيروماز / فيتامينات و احماض امينية حقن بيطري
ميثونين 20% حقن بيطري
Methionine 20% Injection veterinary
Cyromaz (Vitamins and amino acids injection veterinary)
Dimapyrine (B12, Antipyrine and Diminazene Aceturate inj.)
ماكسيجين (جنتاميسين و أموكسيسيللين حقن بيطري)
سيماكلون (أوكسي تتراسكلين و ديكلوفيناك حقن بيطري)
بنسلين ج حقن بيطري
Maxigen (Gentamicin and Amoxicillin injection veterinary)
Simaclone (Oxytetracycline and Diclofenac injection)
Penicillin G Injection Veterinary

Cyromaz (Vitamins, and amino acids injection veterinary). it regulates protein, glucose, and lipid metabolism & re-enables functions of hepatocytes & muscles.

Generic Name:

Carnitine hydrochloride + Thioctic acid + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12 + N-Acetyl-DL-methionine + Arginine + citrulline + ornithine hydrochloride + Lysine + Glycine + thyronine + Aspartic acid + Glutamic acid + Fructose + Sorbitol

Dosage Form:



Vitamins, and amino acids


100,250,500 ml

Indications of Cyromaz (Vitamins and amino acids injection veterinary):

It is recommended in all types of animals exposed to high and prolonged physiological influences (production, sports, work, convalescence ...) as it regulates protein, glucose, and lipid metabolism and re-enables the functions of hepatocytes and muscle cells

Usage and dosage for Cyromaz (Vitamins and amino acids injection veterinary):

We can administer Cyromaz intravenously, under the skin, or in the peritoneum.
Horses and cows: 250 - 500 ml twice daily
Calves, foals, sheep, and goats: 250 ml twice daily
Lambs: 20-40 ml/10 kg twice daily
Dogs and cats: 1-3 ml. twice daily


Each 100ml contains:
Carnitine hydrochloride0.6133 g
Thioctic acid0.02 g
Vitamin B60.015 g
Vitamin B120.003 g
N-Acetyl-DL-methionine2 g
Arginine0.24 g
citrulline0.12 g
ornithine hydrochloride0.1532 g
Lysine0.0625 g
Glycine0.15 g
thyronine0.15 g
Aspartic acid0.15 g
Glutamic acid0.15 g
Fructose8 g