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Udel 1%

Udel 1% (Veterinary Iodine Solution)

Iodel 1% veterinary iodine solution: It is used as disinfectant & wash for uterus after birth, to treat uterine, vaginal infections, to cleanse udder & nipples.

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100 ml

Indications of Udel 1% (Veterinary Iodine Solution):

Antiseptic and wash for the uterus after birth and is used to treat infections of the uterus and vagina and to cleanse the udder and nipples.


Do not mix with other products that used in the uterus.

Usage and dosage for Udel 1% (Veterinary Iodine Solution):

Diluted with water before use.
Treatment of the uterus: dilute as 1/5 with water and then used as a uterine wash (20 ml is injected for one or two days after the artificial insemination process, and 100 ml is injected 1-3 weeks after birth, then 50 ml is injected three weeks later)
Disinfection of the udder and nipples: dilute as 1/5 with water and then use it
Or according to the opinion of the attending veterinarian.


Avoid using the solution as a concentrate directly in the uterus.
first aid
Rinse the mouth well with water.
Drink two glasses of water.
Avoid vomiting.
Eye contact: Wash with water for at least 15 minutes.
Inhalation: The victim is taken to fresh air and given oxygen when necessary.
Ask for medical assistance when necessary.
The other warnings
Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and inhalation.
Empty containers should be washed with water before disposal.

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Each 100 ml contains: