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Zantisol Oral Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride

Zantisol (Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride) is an anthelmintic control gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms, & most hepatic worms.

Generic Name:

Oxyclozanide + Levamisole Hydrochloride

Dosage Form:

[Oral Suspension]

Mode of action or general info:

Pharmacological effect
Zantisol (Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride) is an anthelmintic that affects the energy mechanism of the parasite, causing a defect in its activity and irreversible disability. The preparation includes a combination of the active substances oxyclozanide and levamisole, which achieve a high concentration in the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Oxyclosanide has a strong effect against flukicide in its adult forms. (adult-mature) and immature
Especially the Fasciola hepatica found in the bile ducts. The preparation is also effective against various worms such as Nematodes, Amphistomes, and Paramphistomes in cows, calves, sheep, and goats. It also removes parts of tapeworms (Moniezia) in sheep.
Levamisole kills a wide range of significant adult or immature worm species and is highly effective against the following species:
Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Trichostrongylus, Cooperia, Nematodius,
Oesophagostomum, Chabertia and Bunostomum.

Zantisol (Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride) is also effective in sheep against adult Strongyloides.
Treatment of parasites and worms improves the condition of the animal and leads to an increase in milk production in dairy animals and improves meat production for animals intended for slaughter. It also improves the production of wool in sheep and goats.

Indications of Zantisol Oral Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride:

Zantisol is an anthelmintic used in treating and controlling gastro-intestinal roundworms (Hemonix, Astragia, Nematodeus, Trichostrongis, Cuperia, Osophaxtum bunostomum) and lungworms (Didictiococcus).
It also expels most adult stages of hepatic worms found in the liver's bile duct.
Zantisol is used in cows, calves, sheep, and goats.


Hepatic and renal diseases and cases of deficiency of blood cells.

Side Effects:

Gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain, skin sensitivity, and deficiency in blood cells may occur occasionally, and an overdose may cause diarrhea.

Usage and dosage for Zantisol Oral Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Hydrochloride:

It is given orally using an oral dosing syringe, and care must be taken when dosing that the drug reaches the trachea.

Sheep, cattle, and goats: 2.5 ml / 10 kg body weight.

The dose can be administered at any time during pregnancy. Still, administration of the dose to ewes six weeks before parturition has been shown to produce the best results regarding the quality of subsequent lambs.

Withdrawal Period:

Meat: 14 days, Milk: 24 hours after treatment with Zantisol.

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Each 1ml contains:
Levamisole Hydrochloride30mg