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Tibendazol Tablets veterinary

Generic Name

Dosage Form



Indications of Tibendazol Tablets veterinary

the product is used in the treatment of Gastrointestinal worms, roundworm (ascaris), tapeworm (moniezia) pulmonary worm, and Viripotent hepatic worms in sheep, goats, cows, and camels.


25, 50, 100, 200Tablets

Usage and dosage for Tibendazol Tablets veterinary

it is taken orally as follows:
Pulmonary worm, roundworm, tapeworm, and gastro-intestinal worm:  
Sheep and goats:   1 tablet/50 kg b.w.
Cows and camels:   3 tablet /100 kg b.w .
Viripotent hepatic worms:   
Sheep, goats: 2 tablet / 50 kg b.w .
 cows and camels: 4 tablet/100 kg b.w  .

Withdrawal Period

meat: 14 days - milk: 5 days.


Each tablet contains:
Albendazole 250 mg