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Calciphor fort 40%

Generic Name

Calcium Borogluconate + Magnesium Chloride + Calcium glycerophosphate

Dosage Form

Therapy Group

Calcium deficiency


Treatment of fever of puerperium, fever of milk, Ca and Mg deficiency, in the cases of hemorrhage caused by deficiency of calcium, decrease of growth and anorexia in cows, horses, sheep and goats.

Usage and Dosage

For slow i.v and subcutaneous injection:
Cows and horses: 200-400 ml.
Sheep and goats: 20-50 ml.
(Doses differ according to vet's advice)


It is preferred to worm the preparation before use.


Calcium Borogluconate400mg
Magnesium Chloride32mg
Calcium glycerophosphate20mg