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Dimapyrine (B12, Antipyrine and Diminazene Aceturate  inj.)

Dimapyrine (Antipyrine and Diminazene Aceturate plus Vitamin B12). It is veterinary injection to treat diseases caused by the blood protozoan parasites.

Generic Name:

Antipyrine + Diminazene Aceturate + Vitamin B12

Dosage Form:



Blood Antiparasitic


20, 50, 100ml

Mode of action or general info:

: Diminazene aceturate is an antiprotozoal agent belonging to the pentamidine group. It is effective in blood parasite disease treatments such as trypanosomiasis and piroplasmosis (Babesia, theileria). Antipyrine: a non-opioid agent that has an analgesic and antipyretic effect. Vitamin B12: An anti-anaemia agent stored in the liver that helps build tissue and protect nerves and mature erythrocytes.

Indications of Dimapyrine (B12, Antipyrine and Diminazene Aceturate inj.):

Treatment of diseases caused by the blood protozoan parasites (Babesiosis, Trypanosomiasis) , Anemia, Antipyretic and Analgesic in sheep, goats, cows, camels, horses, and dogs


Do not use this product with animals that have allergies to any of its components, or with animals that have renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Side Effects:

The preparation is well tolerated within the recommended doses, and in some cases, a minor reaction may appear at the injection site.


Do not use other medications without consulting a veterinarian.

Usage and dosage for Dimapyrine (B12, Antipyrine and Diminazene Aceturate inj.):

Deep I.M injection for:
Horses and Cows: 1 ml / 25 Kg b.w
Camels: 1 ml / 15 Kg b.w
Sheep and Dogs: 1 ml / 22 Kg b.w
For horses, It is necessary to divide the dose and inject it into different sites within an hour between injections to avoid the possibility of colic. Repeat dose with minimum one-day interval.


* It is important to get the animal's weight accurately to ensure correct dose calculation. 
* Do not overdose. 
* It is preferable to give Dimapyrine early in the morning. 
* In pregnancy and lactation cases: consult a veterinarian and can be given a treatment when necessary. 
* The treatment can be repeated after two days if necessary.

Withdrawal Period:

For meat: 21 days.
For milk: sheep and goats for 7 days. Cows 21 days.


Each 1ml contains:
Diminazene Aceturate75mg
Vitamin B120.04µg