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Cefammezone (Dexathasone, Vit A, Gentamicin and Cephalexin)

Cefammezone (Gentamicin and Cephalexin in addition to Dexamethasone, and Vitamin A) udder intramammary sealant for mastitis in cattle, sheep, and goats.

Generic Name:

Gentamicin sulfate + Cephalexin (monohydrate) + Dexamethasone sodium phosphate + Vitamin A

Indications of Cefammezone (Dexathasone, Vit A, Gentamicin and Cephalexin):

The preparation treats acute and semi-acute mastitis in dairy animals caused by gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria affected by gentamicin and cephalexin in cattle, sheep, and goats.


Hypersensitivity to aminoglycosides or cephalosporins
Hepatic or renal impairment


Do not use other antibiotics at the same time inside the udder.

Usage and dosage for Cefammezone (Dexathasone, Vit A, Gentamicin and Cephalexin):

empty the infected quarter from organic matter, and remaining milk. Immediately afterward, wash and sterilize the udder and teats with antiseptic products. Dries well. inject all of the syringe content into each affected quadrant. Gently massage the area in vertical upward motions to spread the product.


It should not be given to  animals other than the mentioned in the dosage.

Withdrawal Period:

Meat: 12 days, milk: 5 days


Gentamicin sulfate100 mg
Cephalexin (monohydrate)200 mg
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate0.75 mg
Vitamin A10000IU