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كربوسين (بيكربونات الصوديوم حقن بيطري)
Carbosine (Sodium Bicarbonate injection veterinary)

Carbosine: Sodium Bicarbonate injection for cows and sheep

Generic Name:

Sodium Bicarbonate

Dosage Form:



Mechanism of action: Intravenous treatment with sodium bicarbonate increases plasma bicarbonate content, which acts as a buffer measure for the increase of hydrogen ions, that raises the pH
Sodium bicarbonate dissociates in water to give a sodium anion and a bicarbonate. The liberated sodium anion treats fluid and electrolyte disorders. Bicarbonate is a natural component of body fluids. Its normal concentration in plasma is in ranges between 24-31 mEq/liter. Plasma is regulated by the excretory system. The kidneys go through acidification with uric acid in the event of alkalization of the blood or by adjusting to the increased acidity.

Indications of Carbosine (Sodium Bicarbonate injection veterinary):

It is used in cows and sheep to treat blood acidity caused when animals intake lots of concentrated diets and dry fodder such as barley and grains rich in energy (carbohydrates) and in cases of metabolic acidosis resulting from the accumulation of acid receptors because of metabolic disorders and cases associated with puerperal fever.

Usage and dosage for Carbosine (Sodium Bicarbonate injection veterinary):

It is admin as intravenous injection.
Cattle: 1 - 2 liters within 1-2 hours.
Sheep: 200 ml 1-2 hours.
Note: It is preferable to support the treatment by giving saline serum with the same dose


Do not use this product with intravenous calcium preparations.

Withdrawal Period:



Sodium Bicarbonate13mg