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Amidaclore (Imidacloprid 35% to control external parasites)

Amidaclore (Imidacloprid 35% to control external parasites). It is against fleas, ticks, lice, and flies that attack animals and barns.

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100, 200, 250, 500, 1000 ml

Indications of Amidaclore (Imidacloprid 35% to control external parasites):

To treat external parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, and flies that attack animals such as dogs, cats, sheep, cows, and camels, as well as the homes and barns of those animals.


^^ Allergy to imidacloprid


It is not used with other pesticides

Usage and dosage for Amidaclore (Imidacloprid 35% to control external parasites):

Topical use: Pour 1 ml in drops on the animal’s back until they touch the skin.
 Such as cows and camels: 2-5 mg/kg equivalent to 1 ml per 70-175 kg live weight.
Sheep and goats: 7-9 mg active ingredient/kg equivalent to 1 ml per 38-50 kg live weight.
Dogs and cats: Pour the preparation on the back between the shoulders to avoid toxicity due to the animal licking its body. The doses are as follows:
Cats up to 4 kg: 0.15 ml
Cats over 4 kg: 0.25 ml
Dogs up to 4 kg 0.15 ml
Dogs from 4 kg to 10 kg: 0.3 ml
Dogs from 10 kg to 25 kg: 0.7 ml


- Not for use on cats under 8 weeks old and dogs under 7 weeks old
- Used for one month
- Animal houses and barns: A 5 x 5 sponge is coated with the pesticide and distributed in different places according to the area, and with great care to prevent children and animals from accessing it.
- Before use, you should wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses.
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin, mouth and inhalation.
- Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while working with the pesticide.
- Avoid polluting water sources and canals.
Empty containers must be destroyed in a technical, safe and sound manner.


It is preferable not to mix it with any other materials


Oral LD50 450 mg/kg for rat
Oral LD50 131 mg/kg for mouse
Dermal LD50 5,000mg/kg for rat

The pesticide is toxic to bees and birds and harmful to fish

License number:


First aid:

In case of poisoning, contact the nearest toxicology information center in your governorate
When the skin is contaminated: The contaminated area should be washed well with soap and water.
In case of poisoning, call a doctor immediately.


Imidacloprid35% w/v