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Vitazid M

Vitazid M Feed Additives Powder Veterinary

Vitazid M feed additives powder veterinary (P, Mg, Zn, Fe, Co, I, Mn) for Calf, Lamb, Feed Additive

Generic Name:

P + Mg + Zn + Fe + Co + I + Mn

Dosage Form:






Indications of Vitazid M Feed Additives Powder Veterinary:

General weakness and stress, increase milk production, improve growth and nutritional efficiency for calves and sheep, and provide the organism with the necessary mineral elements, especially those that contribute to metabolism and are useful in growth disorders and cases of anemia.

Usage and dosage for Vitazid M Feed Additives Powder Veterinary:

It is used with fodder: 1kg per ton.


Each 1g contains:
P80 mg
Mg10 mg
Zn50 mg
Fe40 mg
Co100 mcg
I700 mcg
Mn80 mg

Useful Info:

The importance of phosphorus in animal nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial factor in animal production. Feeding animals a balanced diet is economically beneficial and promotes animal health. Here come the feed additives that contain phosphorus (P), which is one of the main components responsible for skeletal development, energy metabolism, and cell signaling, and it is one of the components of nucleotides. Phosphorus requirements for animals vary depending on species, production trait and age. The diet must meet the growth and production requirements of the animals. A deficiency of phosphorus in the diet has severe effects on skeletal development and growth of young animals, and long-term deficiency can affect both animal health and production standards. Excessive phosphorus feeding can also lead to nutritional disorders related to calcium metabolism. Therefore, maintaining a balance between Ca and P in the diet is crucial in nutrition. Excess P is not retained in the body and is excreted with feces. Through the process of homeostasis, animals are able to balance the mineral composition of their bodies. The primary source of phosphorus in the diet comes in the form of organic phosphorus from plants and inorganic phosphorus from feed additives.