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Genasal (Menbuton injection veterinary)

Genasal (Menbuton injection veterinary): It is used in pets to treat digestion problems, as an appetite stimulant, and could used after eating much food.

Generic Name:


Dosage Form:



Digestive stimulant


20,50,100 ml

Indications of Genasal (Menbuton injection veterinary):

for  all pets that have  digestion problems and as an appetite stimulant 
Cows, sheep, and goats: the main disorder of the digestive system: it is used after eating excess food, i.e., easily digestible carbohydrates (lactic acidosis), in the case of eating contaminated food or (rumen disorder), and rapid changes during the rations of the food diet, in the event of excess in Rumen, flatulence and constipation.
Digestive disorder: used after surgery to recover natural digestion  with the dangerous metabolism disorder (acetonemia in cows, ketonuria in the mother’s sheep) As an assistant cure in curing fascia 
Horses: used in case of digestive disorder, in case of eating extra food containing a large amount of protein, constipation, colic, and stimulating liver function by encouraging the hepatic bile  Dogs: constipation and endocrine insufficiency ( the pancreas), stimulate liver function by promoting pairing in dogs.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the excipients.
And in animals with heart diseases or late stages of pregnancy.


interaction with other medicinal products and other forms is unknown.

Usage and dosage for Genasal (Menbuton injection veterinary):

The injection should be slow in a vein or deeply in the muscle:
Horses 1 ml / 10 kg of body weight intravenous only.
Cows, sheep, goats and dogs: 1 ml /10 kg of body weight intravenous or muscles.
According to disease development, the repetition of cure is able by using half of the dose after 12 hours or using a full dose within a period from  24 hours to 7 days.
Compatibility: It has a wide therapeutic spectrum of use so it can be offered after a 1dose or repetitive (in veins or muscle) without local & systemic reactions

Withdrawal Period:

meat: two days - milk: one day

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Each 1ml contains:
Menbuton100 mg