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Vitazid veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name

P + Na + Mg + Zn + Fe + Co + I + Mn

Dosage Form


Mineral salts

Indications of Vitazid

General weakness and stress, improve the production of milk, improve the growth and nutritional efficiency in calves and lambs fattening, and provides the organism with important mineral substances, especially those that involve in metabolic reactions and it is useful in anemia and growth disorders.



Usage and dosage for Vitazid

used with fodder:
Calves and lambs: 1.5kg/ton.
Cows and sheep:    2kg/ton.


Each 1g contains:
P 80 mg
Na 70 mg
Mg 10 mg
Zn 1.6 mg
Fe 1 mg
Co 10 mcg
I 15 mcg
Mn 750 mcg