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Vitamin B-complex fort

Generic Name

Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B2 + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12 + Nicotinamide + Calcium pantothenate + Folic acid + Vitamin K3 + Vitamin C

Dosage Form

Therapy Group



This product contains many important vitamins and it is useful for many metabolic diseases, increase appetite, anemia, hemorrhage, general tonic, after vaccines, after shocks and for vitamin B-complex deficiency.

Usage and Dosage

It is used with drinking water:
Poultry:100gr/200liters of drinking water
Horses & cows: 6gr with 1liter of water for each animal.
Sheep and goats: 3g with 1 liter of water for each animal.
(Treatment continues for 3-5 days or according to vet s opinion)


Vitamin B15mg
Vitamin B22mg
Vitamin B61mg
Vitamin B1212mcg
Calcium pantothenate20mg
Folic acid1mg
Vitamin K310mg
Vitamin C50mg