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Vitamin AD3E

Vitamin AD3E Injection veterinary

Vitamin AD3E Injection veterinary (Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E) for Camel, Horses, Calf, Cattle / Cows, Goat, Sheep

Generic Name:

Vitamin A + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin E

Dosage Form:





50, 100ml

Indications of Vitamin AD3E Injection veterinary:

Hypovitaminosis, lack of green feed, various inflammatory diseases, diarrhea, shock exposure and infertility in horses, cows, camels, calves, sheep, and goats.

Usage and dosage for Vitamin AD3E Injection veterinary:

I.M. injection:
Horses, cows, and camels: 5-8 ml a day.
Calves, sheep, and goats:     2-3ml a day.
(Treatments continue for 3-5 days or according to vet's advice)

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Each 1ml contains:
Vitamin A80000 IU
Vitamin D320000 IU
Vitamin E20 mg