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Generic Name

Vitamin A + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin E + Vitamin C

Therapy Group



Symptoms of deficiency of vitamins (A, D3, E, C) to increase the production of eggs and power ,to increase resistance of contaginons diseases , increase the growth, after exposure to excessive heat or cold or moisture, after vaccination and treatment by antiparasites in poultry, cows, horses, calves, colts, sheep, goats and rabbits .

Usage and Dosage

It is used orally:
Poultry: 200ml/200Lwater for3days.
Cows ,horses:40ml /animal for3days.
Calves, colts:20ml/animal for3days.
Sheep and goats: 4-8 ml/animal for3days.
Rabbits : 2ml /animal for3days.


Vitamin A25000IU
Vitamin D3500IU
Vitamin E20mg
Vitamin C20mg