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Solomine plus

Solomine plus veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name

Dosage Form


Mineral salts

Indications of Solomine plus

The preparation is used in cases of indigestion, general weakness, and loss of appetite in sheep, goats, and cows.



Usage and dosage for Solomine plus

The product is suspended in water and gives as follows:
Cows:150gr in1liter of  water twice a day
Sheep and goats: 
50gr in half a liter of water twice a day.
(The treatment continues according to the condition of the animal and the  veterinarian's opinion)


Each 1g contains:
P 19.6 mg
Mg 6.58 mg
Fe 5.35 mg
Cu 2.5 mg
Zn 0.15 mg
Mn 0.065 mg
Calcium propionate 66.6 mg
Beer yeast 133 mg
DL-Methionine 33 mg