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Solodin Oral Liquid veterinary سلودين سائل بيطري

Solodin Oral Liquid veterinary

Solodin Oral Liquid veterinary (Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Cobaltus Sulfate, Propylene glycol q. s.)

Generic Name:

Ferrous Sulfate + Copper Sulfate + Manganese Sulfate + Cobaltous sulfate + Propylene glycol q. s

Dosage Form:

[Oral Liquid]


Mineral salts

Indications of Solodin Oral Liquid veterinary:

ketosis, digestive diseases the lack of energy of the live body, and it is used as a general tonic and as aperitive for calves, sheep, and goats.



Usage and dosage for Solodin Oral Liquid veterinary:

the drug is used with drinking water by diluting the bottle for 1-3 liter
Of water is then given to the animal twice a day
During the treatment, it is preferred to increase the protein in the feed.
(Treatment period is according to vet's advice)

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Each 1ml contains:
Ferrous Sulfate2.5 mg
Copper Sulfate1.18 mg
Manganese Sulfate2.36 mg
Cobaltous sulfate0.08 mg
Propylene glycol q. s.1 ml