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Simactin (Abamectin external antiparasitic)

Simactin (Abamectin external antiparasitic) is effective against (fleas, lice, ticks, & flies). It works by contact & through the digestive system of parasite

Generic Name:


Mode of action or general info:

External antiparasitic with broad effectiveness against external parasites (fleas, lice, ticks and flies)
It works by contact and through the digestive system of the parasite.

Indications of Simactin (Abamectin external antiparasitic):

Controlling external parasites (fleas, lice, ticks, and flies) that attack various animals such as: sheep, goats, and cows, as well as the homes and stables of those animals.


Hypersensitivity to abamectin

Side Effects:

* Calves younger than 4 months are more susceptible to abamectin poisoning and should not be treated with it.
* Some dog breeds are sensitive to abamectin and should not be treated with it.


Simactin (Abamectin external antiparasitic) should not be given in conjunction with other external antiparasitics

Usage and dosage for Simactin (Abamectin external antiparasitic):

Spray the product on cows, sheep and goats at a rate of 1.25 ml per liter of water

Withdrawal Period:

Meat and milk: 7 days from last processing


Toxic to fish and bees and moderately toxic to birds.

License number:


First aid:

Skin Contact: Remove clothing and wash contaminated body parts with soap and water.
Eye Contact: Flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention immediately.
Inhalation: Moves to fresh air, if not inhaled, gives artificial respiration.
Ingestion: Wash the patient's stomach and call a doctor immediately.
If fainting occurs do not give the patient anything orally and call a doctor immediately.
- Unspecified, treatment is based on symptoms
- The patient is given a stimulant agent such as valproic acid.

Safety Precautions:

- Before use, you should wear protective clothing, glasses and gloves.
- Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and inhalation.
- Avoid eating, drinking and smoking during use.
- Do not spray in windy weather and against the wind
- Avoid polluting ponds, water sources and channels.
Empty containers must be disposed of in a safe and sound manner.


Each 100ml contains: