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Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder)

Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder) is an external antiparasitic from the pyrethroid group to external parasites such as lice, ticks, scabies, and flies.

Generic Name:


Dosage Form:

[Dusting powder]





Indications of Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder):

An external antiparasitic from the pyrethroid group in the form of a fogging powder used to combat parasites
External infections such as lice, ticks, scabies, and biting flies on sheep, goats, cows, horses, camels, and poultry.

Usage and dosage for Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder):

* It is used by fogging, and treatment is periodic and as needed
* Animal pens and bird areas must also be scattered and fogged in order for the treatment to be effective
* Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder) is preferable to repeat the process within 13 days until the second generation of remaining parasites is eliminated

Withdrawal Period:

Meat 3 days
Milk 2 days


It is preferable not to mix Cypatik (Cypermethrin dusting powder) with any other materials.


Moderately toxic to fish, highly toxic to bees, non-toxic to birds
LD50 for oral solution 1020 mg/kg
LD50 for percutaneous injection > 2000 mg/kg
LD50 for inhalation > 5000 mg/kg

First aid:

* In case of poisoning, contact the nearest toxicology information center in your governorate
* If the preparation is taken orally, the patient is given an emetic agent
* It is not recommended to induce vomiting for the injured person if he is unconscious.
* When the skin is contaminated, the area that has been exposed to contamination must be washed well with soap and water
* When the eyes are contaminated, wash the eyes well with plenty of water for 10 minutes
* In case of poisoning, call a doctor immediately
There is no treatment based on symptoms.

Safety Precautions:

* Protective clothing (overall, gloves, rubber shoes) must be worn to prevent the presence of particles of the preparation.
* The material must be stored in its original, tightly sealed container, out of the reach of children
* Avoid smoking and eating during the fogging process
* Wash skin and clothing well if they are contaminated with the product
* Water, human food, or animal feed must not be contaminated while empty containers are destroyed after use.
* Do not reuse empty containers and dispose of them in a technical manner away from rivers and bodies of water.
* Three days must pass from the last treatment before the animal is slaughtered.
* Milk should not be used until two days after the last treatment.
*Sick or stressed animals should not be treated.
* Animals should not be treated when they are thirsty.


Each 100g contains: