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Rafoxid veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name

Dosage Form



Indications of Rafoxid

This Product is used to treat liver larva in cows, sheep, and goats. it is basically effective to treat liver flukes and gigantism flukes (worms more than 8 weeks old in cattle and worms more than 4 weeks old in sheep and goats)it is also used to treat nasal bots in sheep. 
repeating treatment is necessary during remedial separated times equal 3 weeks to get rid of the adult larva.



Usage and dosage for Rafoxid

1 tab / 40 kg b. w orally. repeat the dose after 4-6 week

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 28 days -  Milk : 14 days


Each tablet contains:
Rafoxanide 300 mg