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Mineral food

Mineral food veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name

Manganese oxide + Zinc oxide + Copper Sulfate + Ferrous Sulfate + Sodium Selenite + Potassium Iodide + Cobaltus Sulfate

Dosage Form


Mineral salts

Indications of Mineral food

The product is a minerals salts of trace elements and used to treat the symptoms of rare elements deficiency such as pick and prey cases at poultry, to increase the production of eggs, hatch and growth ratio



Usage and dosage for Mineral food

It is used with fodder as 1kg of the product is added to 1 ton of feed.


Each 1g contains:
Manganese oxide 125 mg
Zinc oxide 75 mg
Copper Sulfate 125 mg
Ferrous Sulfate 250 mg
Sodium Selenite 0.5 mg
Potassium Iodide 1 mg
Cobaltus Sulfate 1 mg