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Generic Name

Active Iodine + Glycerine

Therapy Group

udder lotion


*To sterilizing the teat and washing the udder generally.
* in milking machines whose program includes whole sterilization of the teats.
* To avoid teat inflammation.
*Treatment and preventing of teat cracking from the mastitis.
*sterilizing the skin of the animal and cleaning the operation table before simple surgevies.

Usage and Dosage

trea sterilizing
Dilute one part in 7 parts of water and fill two thirds of cup with the solution then immevse the teat in it imediately after milking .
udder washing
Dilute 20 ml in 10 litter of water and rinse the udder and the teat with the solution before milking .


Active Iodine 20mg
Glycerine 50 mg