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Agrogreen Super

Agrogreen Super أغروغرين سوبر

Agrogreen Super is an organic fertilizer soluble powder with iron chelates, zinc chelates, cobalt chelates, magnesium chelates, copper chelates in addition to boron.

Generic Name:

Organic matter + Iron chelate + Magnesium chelate + Zinc chelate + Copper chelate + Cobalt chelate + Boron

Dosage Form:

[Soluble Powder]


organic fertilizer


* Agrogreen Super is a preventive and curative organic fertilizer for weak plant growth by compensating for the lost elements and improving the properties of the soil and thus facilitating the absorption of the nutrients available in it and adding new nutrients that are easy and fast to absorb and results.
* Humic acid is a complex mixture of organic components similar to the mixture found in the biological tissue of the plant. It is an organic fertilizer that contains a high concentration of humic acid in a way that is directly absorbed by the leaves of the plant and is distinguished by its high purity and its excellent 100% solubility in water.

Indications of Agrogreen Super:

It is used on all types of plants, trees, vegetables, crops, ornamental plants, green areas, and greenhouses as a spray on the leaves or with irrigation water.
Agrogreen Super is used on moderately acidic soils to improve their physical, chemical, and biological properties, and activate and improve their properties.
Benefits of use:
* Improving the properties and fertility of the soil
* Revitalizing the root system of the plant and increasing its spread
Activate the effectiveness of beneficial microbes in the soil
* Helps the soil to retain the major and minor soluble mineral elements in the root areas, to benefit the plant from them, improve its ability to absorb them, and prevent their loss.
* Improve the soil's water-holding capacity



Usage and dosage for Agrogreen Super:

Dissolve the required amount of Agrogreen Super in water and stir constantly until complete dissolution:
Fruitful trees: 30-50 g per tree per season in two or three batches, sprinkled on the leaves or through the water directly or within the drip irrigation network.
Vegetables and crops: 100-150 g per dunum during the season in several batches, sprinkled on the leaves or added through the water within the irrigation networks.
Protected crops: 150-200 g/100 liters of water sprinkled on the leaves or added within the irrigation network and repeated as needed during the season.
 Green areas: 100 g / 100 liters of water sprinkled on the leaves or with water for irrigation.


Agrogreen Super can be mixed with most pesticides, fertilizers, and biological compounds unless otherwise advised, and it is not recommended to mix it with fertilizers that contain calcium, and it is always preferable to do a small experiment before extended use. An environmentally friendly fertilizer that is non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants when used according to the instructions.


Each 100g contains:
Organic matter40 %
Iron chelate12.5 %
Magnesium chelate12.5 %
Zinc chelate8 %
Copper chelate0.15 %
Cobalt chelate0.2 %
Boron0.8 %
: Sodium less than5 %