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Magnadine Blocks veterinary

Magnadine Blocks veterinary (Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, I, Co, Se) for Horses, Calf, Cattle / Cows, Goat, Sheep, Feed Additive

Generic Name:

Mg + Zn + Mn + Cu + Fe + I + Co + Se

Dosage Form:



Mineral salts

Indications of Magnadine Blocks veterinary:

the product is used in the cases of mineral salts decreasing and increasing appetite 
At cows, horses, calves, sheep, and goats



Usage and dosage for Magnadine Blocks veterinary:

The block is put in the feeder to allow the animal to lice it


Each 1kg contains:
Mg100 g
Zn3 g
Mn2.5 g
Cu1 g
Fe200 mg
I120 mg
Co50 mg
Se25 mg