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Furosemide 25

Furosemide 25 Injection (veterinary diuretic)

* Furosemide 25 Injection (veterinary diuretic) treats water and sodium retention. decreasing in urine volume, accumulation of liquids in the body...

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Dosage Form:





10, 20, 25, 50ml

Mode of action or general info:

Furosemide 25 Injection (veterinary diuretic) is a diuretic compound that inhibits tubular reabsorption of sodium chloride by an unknown mechanism. It also weakly inhibits carbonic anhydrase and increases glomerular filtration.
Most of it is excreted through the kidneys, and if it is given by intramuscular injection, it affects after 25 minutes, and its effect period is 3-4 hours.
If given intravenously, it affects after 3-10 minutes and has an effect period of 2-3 hours.
Furosemide is generally used in the following cases:
water and sodium retention, regardless of origin (heart failure - oedema).
renal failure associated with decreasing in urine volume,
accumulation of liquids in the body
increase diuresis in poisoning cases. Acute laminitis and Nasal bleeding in horses.
In emergency cases intravenously, such as in pulmonary edema, acute kidney failure, and acute hypercalcemia

Indications of Furosemide 25 Injection (veterinary diuretic):

This product is used to treat water and sodium retention caused by heart failure, and edema. renal failure is associated with decreasing in urine volume, accumulation of liquids in the body, and increased diuresis in poisoning cases


Not to be used in the following cases:
Fluid volume deficiency or extracellular dehydration.
Uncompensated hypokalemia.
progressive renal disease

Side Effects:

Use of Furosemide may lead to hypokalemia, increase in uric acid in the blood, increased blood sugar, sometimes hypersensitivity, cellular dehydration, relaxation, liver injuries, thrombin deficiency, granulocytopenia and deafness, if used in large quantities


Prevents to Participation the product with the following medicinal preparations:
aminoglycosides (ex: gentamicin), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (stops the action of furosemide), lithium compounds, laxatives.
Do not mix furosemide with another drug in the same injection for fear of sedimentation.

Usage and dosage for Furosemide 25 Injection (veterinary diuretic):

i.m & i.v:
Horses and cows:10-20ml daily.
Dogs and cats:0.5-1ml /kg daily.
(Treatment period is according to vet's advice)

Withdrawal Period:

For milk: 3 days - For meat: 7 days.


Each 1ml contains:
Furosemide25 mg