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Caffeine 25%

Caffeine injection veterinary 25%

Caffeine injection veterinary 25% is a CNS stimulant that affects the heart, respiratory system, & smooth muscles. It enhances analgesics...

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Mode of action or general info:

Caffeine is one of the central nervous system stimulants, its effect is clear in stimulating both the heart and respiratory system, it has a relaxant effect on smooth muscles, also it can be supplied as an additional substance to analgesics to increase their activity. it is used in the cases of acute poisoning of CNS inhibitors. it is absorbed by the mucous of the gastrointestinal tract, and spreads in all tissues and cerebrospinal fluid, most of it is extracted by urine and it passes the placenta, it has the property of accumulation.

Indications of Caffeine injection veterinary 25%:

Caffeine stimulates the respiratory system heart and blood vessels in horses, cattle, sheep , and dogs


Avoid admin this product to pregnant animals or if it is sensitive to caffeine and xanthine compounds. Do not give caffeine for long since it tends to accumulate in the body over time.

Side Effects:

caffeine generally has a good tolerance, but some side effects may appear when it is used in big dosages it increases the heart’s beats, pulse, and diuresis. recently, it has been approved that it causes teratogenesis of the fetus so it mustn’t be used during pregnancy, In large doses it causes muscular contraction, increases in acidic gastric juice and may cause ulcers and intestinal bleeding.


It must be used with CNS inhabitants except in the cases of poisoning by these compounds and it mustn’t be used with medicines which increase the gastric juice as acetylcholine because it is an inhabitant of real choline esterase yeast. and it is not used with the drugs which cause intestinal irritation.

Usage and dosage for Caffeine injection veterinary 25%:

For intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection:
Horses & cows:   15-30ml 
Sheep:                 2-10ml 
Dogs:               0.25-1ml
(Single dose may be repeated if necessary)

Withdrawal Period:

For milk 3days
for meat  5days

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Each 1ml contains: