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Calciphor 24%

Generic Name

Calcium Gluconate + Boric acid + Magnesium Chloride + Calcium glycerophosphate

Dosage Form

Therapy Group

Calcium deficiency


in the treatment of puerperal fever, milk fever , Ca .Mg deficiency cases of hemorrhage caused by deficiency of calcium , decrease of growth and anorexia at cows, horses , sheep and goats .

Usage and Dosage

by I.V, subcut, i.m injection:
Cows, Horses : 250-500ml
Goats, sheep: 50-100 ml
Doses differ according to the vet's advice


it is preferred to Warm the preparation before use.


Calcium Gluconate240mg
Boric acid35mg
Magnesium Chloride24mg
Calcium glycerophosphate10mg