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Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide)

Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) Single-dose anticoagulant kills all species of mice and rats, even those that have acquired immunity to anticoagulants.

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* Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) is in the form of granules that are easy to circulate and have a distinctive color for easy and quick identification and to prevent them from being misused. 
*A single dose of Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) for rats and mice is enough to eliminate them. Rodents die dry in their burrows due to slow internal bleeding and do not cause an unpleasant odor.
* Promarate kills rats and mice that are immune to other anticoagulants. 
* Promarate is very poisonous and has a taste that is palatable to rodents, so it eats a lethal dose more quickly.

Application and Uses of Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide):

Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) is a Single-dose anticoagulant rodenticide that kills all species of mice and rats, even those that have acquired immunity to anticoagulants.

Usage rate for Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide):

When using Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide), it must be taken into account that mice and rats are considered intelligent animals, so the place to place the bait must be chosen in a thoughtful manner (that is, it must be placed in hidden places that attract rodents). In general, a quantity of 5 kg is sufficient for an area of ​​approximately one hectare. To control mice: An amount of 25 g or more of the bait is distributed every 3 meters according to the severity of the infection in the expected passage of mice and around their hideouts and locations.
To control rats: Distribute 100g or more of bait every 10 meters depending on the severity of the infestation. Attention must be paid to compensate for the loss of taste constantly. Hands should not come into direct contact with the bait, so protective gloves should be used to prevent the rat from eating the bait because of its fear of human contact with the bait.


Keep Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) in its original sealed container out of the reach of children in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place and out of direct sunlight. You must read the label of the material well before use and adhere to its instructions. 
- Protective wear, goggles and gloves must be worn during use. 
- Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking during use. - The empty packaging must be destroyed by perforation and distortion so that it is not used for other purposes and does not pollute the water sources and channels.


It is preferable to cover the Bromarate (bromadiolone rodenticide) baits to prevent them from scattering or being eaten by other animals

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