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Zeit Albustan

Zeit Albustan

Generic Name

Vegetable oil


agricultural pesticide

Usage of Zeit Albustan

It is used to control harmful pests on deciduous and evergreen fruit trees, including cherries, olives, peaches, peaches, pears, and citrus fruits. It has an effective effect on insects of all stages.


1-5 liter

Usage rate for Zeit Albustan

Used to control scale insects- spiders- aphids- thrips- powdery mildew bugs- white fly and black Freckle at 2-3 liters / 100 liters of water.
Mixing instructions:
Add enough water to the spray tank and add the oil- according to the percentage of recommended use- then fill the tank with water and stir until the continuity of the use of means of spraying the whole-


- Dispose of the excess of the spray solution by spraying it in a wasteland away from the sources of groundwater.
- Remove the containers completely and wash them with water three times and add the wash water to the spray tank.
- Do not use empty containers for any purpose.


-When mixed with insecticide- the safety of the new mix is the same as the safety of the pesticide used- as well as toxicity.
-can be mixed with organic phosphorus pesticides if necessary.


LD50% of the female rat oral exceeds 10-000 mg/kg. Non-toxic to fish and bees and birds. Does not affect the allergic skin. The category is toxic by the World Health Organization III +: WHO is not likely to occur poisoning the recommended application rates. Anti-poisoning: a non-toxic but it is recommended to take all the precautions to be taken when using other pesticides.


Each 100ml contains:
Vegetable oil 80%