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Zeit AlBustan


When mixed with insecticide- the safety of the new mix is the same as the safety of pesticide used- as well as toxicity.


LD50% of the female rat oral exceed 10-000 mg / kg. Non-toxic to fish and bees and birds. Has no effect on the allergic skin. Category toxic by the World Health Organization III +: WHO is not likely to occur in poisoning the recommended application rates. Anti-poisoning: a non-toxic but it is recommended to take all the precautions to be taken when using other pesticides.

Usage and Dosage

Used to control scale insects- spiders- aphids- thrips- powdery mildew bugs- white fly and black Freckle at 2-3 liters / 100 liters of water.<br>Mixing instructions:<br>Add enough water to the spray tank and add the oil- according to the percentage of recommended use- then fill the tank with water and stirring until the continuity of the use of means of spraying the whole- can be mixed with organic phosphorus pesticides if necessary.


Vegetable oil 80% minimum