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Vimazol 5%

Vimazol 5% veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name

Dosage Form



Indications of Vimazol 5%

The preparation is used to treat gastrointestinal parasites, roundworms (ascaris) Tapeworms (Moniezia) pulmonary parasites, and liver parasites (fasciola) in sheep, goats, cows, and camels.


250ml, 1, 5Liter

Usage and dosage for Vimazol 5%

It is given orally by a drench gun
Pulmonary parasites, roundworms, tapeworms, and gastrointestinal worms:
Sheep and goats:    1ml/10kg b. w. 
Cows and camels: 7.5ml/50kg b. w.
Liver parasites:
Sheep and goats:  2ml/10kg b. w. 
Cows and camels: 10ml/50kg b. w.

Withdrawal Period

Milk:5 days


Each 1ml contains:
Albendazole 50 mg