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Udderine ointment

Udderine ointment veterinary

Udderine ointment veterinary (Camphor, Povidone iodine, Phenol, Eucalyptus oil) for Ruminants

Generic Name:

Camphor + Povidone iodine + Phenol + Eucalyptus oil





Indications of Udderine ointment veterinary:

The preparation is useful in the treatment of acute and sub-acute mastitis or mastitis caused by microorganisms. The ointment is applied topically to treat mastitis and in cases of sprain, rheumatoid arthritis, and various joint pains in cattle, sheep and goats.

Usage and dosage for Udderine ointment veterinary:

Clean the infected udder (after milking) with warm water and dry thoroughly, apply ointment, and rub it gently. Apply to the affected joint. Repeat as often as needed.


Each 1g contains:
Camphor10 mg
Povidone iodine36.5 mg
Phenol12.5 mg
Eucalyptus oil10 mg