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Tilmo 25 – S

Generic Name

Tilmicosin Phosphate

Therapy Group



Tilmo 25-S is considered as one of the effective formulations against positive bacteria and some of the negative ones. It also affects against kinds of mycoplasma chlamydia and Rectima , it can be absorbed fastly in the body to reach the highest level in plasma within 1-2 hours. It's mostly used as a substitute to penicillin in curing Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.


In chicken: to cure infections of respiratory system, tracheitis, and pneumonitis (pulmonary bronchitis) caused by Mycoplasma, Gualmycoplasma, Saitofi, Pasteurellamultocida, and sensitive bacteria for Tilmicosin.
In calves and Sheep: to cure aspiratory inflictions caused by Mycoplasma and Pasteurella.


Don't use Tilmo 25-S withLincozamidat

Withdrawal Period

Meat 7 days.

Usage and Dosage

Oral Solution with drinking water.
chicken: 60ml/200 L of drinking water daily, for 3-5 days.
calves & Sheep: 3 ml/50kg b.w. for3-5 days.
or by the instructions of the veterinarian


Tilmicosin Phosphate 250 mg