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Tetramycine 30%

Tetramycine 30% (Oxytetracycline injection veterinary)

Tetramycine 30% (Oxytetracycline injection veterinary) for all bacterial infections: intestinal infections, urinary infections, and mastitis.

Generic Name:

Oxytetracycline HCl

Dosage Form:





50, 100ml

Mode of action or general info:

Oxytetracycline  is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, it supposes that it acts by inhibiting protein synthesis in the microorganism, it is readily absorbed in intestines and distributed in all tissues, and it is eliminated in faeces and urine. It is active against gram-positive and gram-negative micro-organisms, and it is the optimal antibiotic for the treatment of chlamydia and mycoplasma diseases. It treats infections caused by Clostridium Chauvoei, Clostridium hemolyticum, and Clostridium Novyi bacteria, and is effective against hemolytic streptococci and staphylococci.

Indications of Tetramycine 30% (Oxytetracycline injection veterinary):

for all bacterial infections, intestinal infections, urinary infections and Udder infections in cows, camels, sheep, goats, small calves, and lamb, dogs, and cats.


Renal failure, pregnancy, sensitivity to tetracycline compounds


It  must not be accompanied either by Penicillin compounds, Calcium salts, Ferro salts and antacids, as these materials form insoluble compounds with tetracycline resulting in the decreasing of the activity of Tetracycline.

Usage and dosage for Tetramycine 30% (Oxytetracycline injection veterinary):

It is given by i. m. or slow i. v. injection
Camels, cows :3,5 ml/100 kg b. w.
Sheep, goats, and small calves: 2 ml/50 kg b. w.
(single  dose a  day  the treatment  period for 3-4 days)

Withdrawal Period:

For meat 14 days–for milk 7 days


Each 1ml contains:
Oxytetracycline HCl300 mg