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cypermethrin fogging powder البائد

Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder) to combat all crawling insects harmful to public health

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pesticides for public health


Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder) is used to combat all crawling insects harmful to public health.
It contains the active substance cypermethrin, which belongs to the pyrethroid group.
It is an effective pyrethroid insecticide to eliminate all crawling insects harmful to health
public and household insects.
Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder) is a non-systemic pyrethroid insecticide that works through contact and the digestive system.
Apider is a safe and effective pesticide that does not accumulate in the soil.
Pyrethroid is a non-systemic pyrethroid insecticide if used according to the recommendations, but it is toxic to fish.
Apider works to combat many insects. Which has gained immunity against pesticides 
organophosphorous and chlorinated organic compounds.
Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder) is prepared in the form of a powder that is used without dissolving it with water.
This product is a pesticide that is not affected by temperature and light.

Indications of Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder):

Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder) is an effective pyrethroid insecticide containing the active ingredient cypermethrin
To eliminate a wide range of crawling insects that affect public health


100g, 1kg

Usage and dosage for Terminator (cypermethrin fogging powder):

It is used in scattering in the places where crawling insects are located and in the places where they breed.


Read the instructions carefully before use and follow them carefully.
Before use, clothing, shoes, gloves, goggles, and masks should be worn.
Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking during use.
Hands and skin exposed to pesticides should be washed before eating, drinking, or smoking and after spraying.
The empty container must be destroyed in a safe manner, not polluting ponds and swamps, and the empty containers must not be used for other purposes.


Each 100g contains: