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Supramid moderate suspension

Supramid Moderate (Oral Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim)
سوبراميد معلق مخفض / سلفاديازين و تريميثوبريم بيطري

Supramid Moderate Suspension oral sulfadiazine and trimethoprim veterinary for calf, sheep, and poultry.

Generic Name:

Trimethoprim + Sulfadiazine sodium

Dosage Form:

[Oral Liquid]





Indications of Supramid Moderate (Oral Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim):

This product is sulfamide compounds that are active against G- and G+ bacteria, it is used orally in the cases of acute and chronic bacteria, respiratory tract infections, and septicemias intestinal infections in poultry, sheep, and calves.

Usage and dosage for Supramid Moderate (Oral Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim):

It is used orally as follows:
10 ml/20liters of drinking water daily.
Sheep and calves: 
10 ml as an oral dose twice daily. 
(The treatment continues for 4-5days)

Withdrawal Period:

For milk 5 days – For meat 7 days.


Each 1ml contains:
Trimethoprim40 mg
Sulfadiazine sodium200 mg