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Super Night

Super Night Powder

Generic Name

Dosage Form


pesticides for public health care


Of the most powerful pesticide in the group Albaarthuroidah.
Mild toxic to humans and animals.
As a paste is a mild odor.
Long-term effectiveness.
Eliminates all the insects that acquired immunity to pesticides and chlorinated organic phosphorus.
Is not affected by temperature- Daw E.

Usage of Super Night Powder

Effective exterminator to eliminate cockroaches, ants, and insects

Usage rate for Super Night Powder

Super Night is placed near hiding places and places of cockroaches walking over and under the pipes and sewage connections.
A 1 ml of Super Knight per square meter can increase the quantity in the event of severe infection.


Avoid contact with the skin or eyes (and in case of contamination, rinse with plenty of water). - Contaminated clothes should be washed. - The pesticide should be kept out of the reach of children. - Empty containers should be disposed of and not used for other purposes.
- In the event of poisoning: contact the nearest toxicological information center in your governorate.


Deltamethrin 1%