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pesticides for public health


^^ Al-Dhaher is a pyrethroid insecticide to eliminate all flying and crawling insects harmful to public and domestic health.
Al-Hather contains deltamethrin, which is one of the strongest pesticides in the pyrethroid group.
Al-Hather has been prepared in the form of an emulsion concentrate that can be diluted with water, kerosene or diesel in addition. It is highly effective even when used in small doses.
Hitter can be sprayed by surface spray, by micro-spray or by thermal fogging.
Hitter is used to control crawling insects (crickets, ants, fleas, bedbugs) flying insects (flies and mosquitoes). 
The hitter is not affected by temperature or light.

Usage of Striker

^^ An effective pyrethroid insecticide to eliminate crawling and flying insects harmful to public and domestic health


1 liter

Usage rate for Striker

^^ - By fogging and spraying: It is dissolved in a ratio of one part of the pesticide to 24 parts of a solvent
(kerosene or diesel) for use as a micro-spray or thermal fogging at the following rates:
a) Ultrafine mist: 50ml of spray solution/1000m2
b) Thermal fogging: 250ml spray solution/1000m2 2- Surface spraying: dissolved in a ratio of one part of the pesticide to 129 parts of water and used: * To control crawling insects (cockroaches, fleas, bugs, ants) 1 liter of solution for spraying 15-20 m 2 * To combat flying insects (mosquito flies): at high temperatures 1 liter of solution to spray 15- 20 m 2 - at moderate temperatures 1 liter of solution to spray 25-30 m 2


^^ Read the label carefully before use and follow its instructions carefully - Before use, wear protective clothing, shoes, gloves and goggles - Avoid eating, drinking or smoking during use - Empty containers must be destroyed in a safe manner and water sources and ponds should not be contaminated with this pesticide and empty containers should not be used - Keep pesticides away from The reach of children and food, drink and animals - it should not be sprayed during or against the direction of the wind.


^^ Mixable with most pesticides except alkaline ones.


Each 100ml contains:
Deltamethrin 2.5%