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Sharcoflan EC

Sharcoflan EC

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Soil mixing instructions:
Equip a double-disc plow to plow the ground to a depth of 8-10 cm in order to mix Charcot flan to a depth of 5-10 cm. The process of mixing Charcot flan with the soil must be done within 4 hours of spraying, in order to avoid losing part of the effectiveness The two processes of spraying and mixing are carried out simultaneously if possible. The machines used for mixing must be broken down and softened, and Charcot flan must be mixed well with straw. Excellent mixing can be done by means of (P.T.O. on mechanical plows). It gives satisfactory results. As for the speed of the plowing machines, it should range between 6-10 km per hour to get a good mixture in the soil. The surface mixing of so-and-so Chargo to a depth of 3.5 cm or less gives unsatisfactory and unstable results.
 Special information: Diseases affecting the seedlings (young seedlings) may weaken the plant and make it more sensitive to Charcot flan. To get rid of this, the seeds must be treated with fungicides.

Usage of Sharcoflan EC

An effective herbicide in eliminating thin and broad-leaved annual weed seeds during their germination in the fields to be planted.
Areas of use:
Herbs that Sharcoflan eliminates:
 Eliminates a wide range of international fine and broad-leaved weeds, the most important of which are:
- Rooster known spp Amaranthus
- Duck man Chenopodium album.
- Masirina. Stellaria Media.
- Gin broom Kochia scoparia
- Echinochloa crus-galli
Urticae urens
Tribulus terrestris
- Fox's tail, Sataria spp
Dactylocterum aegyptium
Sorghum halpense seeds
  Watercress, Portulaca oleracea
Conductive Polygonum aviculare
Shuwaira Bromus spp
creeping grass Digitaria spp


1 liter

Usage rate for Sharcoflan EC

The recommended amount of the pesticide must be mixed with an appropriate amount of water, then sprayed on the surface of the soil and mixed with it. The pesticide can be sprayed 6 weeks before and up to one day before planting.
The safety of the pesticide on the plant is affected by the timing of spraying and the date of planting the crop, as follows:
Yield Usage rate l/h according to the soil
Cultivation conditions are a light-medium-heavy method of use.

Before planting 1,2 1,8 2,2 The herbicide can be sprayed 6 weeks before and up to 1 day before planting
After planting 1,2 1,8 2,2 direct spraying between lines and plants
Vegetables: artichoke, onions, legumes, tomatoes, peppers
Planting 1,2   1,8   2,2 The herbicide can be sprayed 6 weeks before and up to 1 day before planting
Soybeans and sunflowers
Before planting 1,2   1,8   2,2 The herbicide can be sprayed 6 weeks before and up to 1 day before planting


Do not use more than the recommended proportions, do not use empty containers for any purpose - dispose of empty containers by washing them 3 times, adding wash water to the spray tank, and then burying them in a wasteland in a designated hole away from groundwater sources.
 The pesticide should be stored in a cool, dry place.


Charcot flan can be mixed with most commonly used pesticides. For more information, please review the technical bulletin of the article


The oral LD50 of a female mouse is 4800 mg/kg.
Dermal LD50 is more than 4000 mg/kg.
There is no antidote. Treat according to symptoms. Toxicity to fish, bees, and birds: Toxic to fish, slightly toxic to bees and birds.


Each 10ML contains:
Trifluralin 48%