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Generic Name

Iron Chelate (FeNa2EDTA) + Magnesium Chelate (MgNa2EDTA) + Zinc Chelate (ZnNa2EDTA) + Cobalt Chelate (CoNa2EDTA) + traces of copper


organic fertilizer


It is fertilized in the form of a powder that is quickly soluble in water, a mixture of trace elements necessary for the plant in the form of disodium EDTA chelate, which is easily absorbed by the plants.

Usage of Rain

Treats the symptoms of micronutrient deficiency on fruit trees, almonds, apples, vines, olives, citrus fruits, cotton, beets, summer and winter vegetables, field crops, greenhouses, ornamental plants, green spaces, and nurseries.
* Increases the ability of plants and trees to give good quality fruits with high-quality specifications.
* Easy to absorb through the leaves in the case of foliar fertilization and through the roots when fertilizing the soil or with irrigation water.
* Early use of it with the beginning of growth leads to the prevention of symptoms of lack of elements and weakness of the plant.
* When the microelements are available in the plant and soil in their correct form, this helps in absorbing the major elements well, improves the health of the plant, and increases its production in quantity and quality.
* Every plant needs an element more than other micro-elements for abundant production of its crop and in good condition, for example, apples need boron and zinc more than they need other elements, so use Ren from the beginning of the season to protect your trees and plants from the symptoms of lack of elements and weak growth and production.


100, 250g, 1kg

Usage rate for Rain

Fertilizing should be repeated 3-5 times per season.
foliar fertilization:
 * Vegetables: 100-125 g / 100 liters of water.
* Trees: 125-150 g / 100 liters of water
Crops: 100 - 200 g / 100 liters of water
* Ornamental flowering plants: 50 - 100 g / 100 liters of water.
* Greenhouses and salons: 50 - 100 g / 100 liters of water.
ground fertilization:
* Protected crops: 250 - 500 g / 500 square meters.
*Opened crops: 250 - 500 g / 1000 square meters.
Trees: 50 - 100 g per tree
Fertilizing with watering:
 Add with irrigation water 150-200 g / 1000 liters of water


Each 100g contains:
Iron Chelate (FeNa2EDTA) 11%
Magnesium Chelate (MgNa2EDTA) 11%
Zinc Chelate (ZnNa2EDTA) 5%
Cobalt Chelate (CoNa2EDTA) 0.2%
traces of copper 0.8%
Sodium less than 5%