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Pyros 48%

Pyros 48% Emulsifiable Concentrate

Generic Name

Chlorpyrifos ethyl


agricultural pesticide


Beerus 48% is an organophosphorus pesticide that kills insects through contact and the digestive system. It also has a high vapor effect as it inhibits cholinesterase.
* Pyrrhus 48% effectively kills insects in general and scale insects in particular
 * A pesticide that is safe on many crops and does not cause any toxicity or sensitivity to plants treated with it when used according to the instructions * It has the property of affecting and killing some types of soil worms due to the particular vapor pressure that this pesticide enjoys. 
* It is used on a wide range of crops: fruit trees, apples, almonds, pistachios, olives, citrus fruits, vines, vegetables, potatoes, tobacco, grains, sugar beet, cotton, legumes, corn, and ornamental plants.

Usage of Pyros 48% Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pyros 48% EC is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide to combat a wide range of sucking and biting insects harmful to fruit trees. Poplar, vine, vegetables, field crops, ornamental data, and others


250, 500,1000 ml

Usage rate for Pyros 48% Emulsifiable Concentrate

Apples (apples and pears):
Cotton Aphid 100 - 125 cm3/100 liters of water
Scale insects, paella, apple fruit worm: 100-150 cm3/100 liters of water
Aphid: 50 - 125 cm3/100 liters of water
Stem digger: 150-200 cm3/100 liters of water

Almonds (peach):
Aphids, fruit fly 50 - 125 cm3 / 100 liters of water
Apricot fruit beetle, capnodis (soil treatment): 50-100 cm3/100 liters of water
Weevil buds (Antonomas): 50 - 200 cm 3 / 100 liters of water
Branch drill: 100-125 cm3 / 100 liters of water
Cactus worm (Lobizia) 50-100 cm3/100 liters of water
Mealybugs 100-150 cm3/100 liters of water
Hoppers 50-125 cm3/100 liters of water
Grains: wheat and barley
Sunna, plantworm 1 -2 l/ha
Seedlings chewers 1,5 -2 l/ha

European leg borer 1-2 l/h
American bollworm 1.5-2 l/ha
Corn stalk borer 1.5 -2.5 1 l/ha

sugar beet
Worms 1 - 1,5 l/ha
Beet oxide. Beetles 1 -1,25 l/ha

Vegetables: (tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, peas, etc.)
Leafworms 1 - 1,5 l/ha
From, Tris 0.5 – 0.75 l/ha
Cabbage moth 1.25 - 1.7 l/ha
hoppers 0.75 -2.25 l/ha
American worm 1.5 -2 l/ha
Cutworm 1 - - 1,5 l/ha


Do not use empty containers for any purpose
 - Get rid of empty containers by washing them 3 times, adding washing water to the spray tank, and then burying them in wasteland within a designated hole away from groundwater sources.


50 LD Oral for rat 205 mg/kg
 50 LD percutaneous for jar over 4000 mg/kg
 Antitoxin: atropine sulfate by injection
 Toxicity to fish, bees, and birds: Toxic to bees, so avoid spraying when bees sting.
It is also very toxic to fish by not polluting ponds and rivers with pesticides, and medium toxicity to birds.


Beerus 48% is characterized by its effect in mitigating the spread of acarbose spiders.


Beerus 48% is characterized by its effect in mitigating the spread of acarbose spiders.


Each 100ml contains:
Chlorpyrifos ethyl 48g