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Generic Name

Calcium propionate + Kaolin

Dosage Form

Therapy Group



the fungicidal and antibacterial action due to the partial hydrolysis of propionate in presence of moisture where Ca hydroxide and propionic acid are formed .
Energy supplier as forms glucose in blood , improves feed utilization ,digestibility and feed conversion .
Kaolin acts as gastro-intestinal protectant and adsorbent preventing irritation or erosion caused by harmful substances Adsorbs the fungal toxins which might pass through to digestive tract from the feed .
Prevention against fungal and bacterial contamination in feed to protect livestock and maintain its normal productivity Enhances weight and production as high and top-quantity as it should be, by improving feed utilization ,digestibility and conversion .
Propion as energy supplier, is used to prevent and treat ketosis (acetonaemia) in cows, cases of enteritis, diarrhea and other intestinal disturbances. Propion controls and eliminates the risk of dangerous diseases resulting from the increased susceptibility to infections, which is consequently caused by the immuno-suppressive effect of fungal toxins .

Usage and Dosage

Feed preservative: 1 kg per ton of feed .
Control of ketosis:(given with ration ):
Treatment: 200 gm per cow twice a day for 10 days.
Prevention: 150 gm per cow daily from 2 Week before Parturition until 6 week after parturition


Calcium propionate500mg