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• improve the physical specifications of the soil and makes it loose a good ventilation and water content to facilitate the growth of the roots.<br>• Improves chemical specifications of the soil and adjust pH- and thus Yun nutrients associated with the absorption becomes easy after that they are not soluble.<br>• improve food standards of the soil and raise the content of the elements are easily absorbed direct and appropriate for the growth of plant roots- especially- thus improving overall growth.<br>• over and activates the proliferation and growth of bacteria of the digestive Sllowes and that conversion to organic material Dbalah easy absorption of the plant within the growing season.<br>• adds nutrients to the soil in a balanced manner to contain the right amount of quick and easy absorption by plant roots.

Usage and Dosage

Original contains nutrients- so you should always add the recommended rates and bury under the soil:<br>Of fruit trees: 5 kg for the large tree and 1 kg for the new implant- and embedded under the soil.<br>Of nurseries: Mix 20% of the nursery soil before planting.<br>Green houses: 75-150 kg / plastic house area of ​​500 square meters- is added before planting and mix the soil directly.<br>Of plants Alsaloneh Interior: you can add small amounts of shade plants- the more these quantities increased power plants in Alsaloneh exposure to light.


Compost 100% of the origin of beef