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Netrogreen 40+0+0+TE

Netrogreen 40+0+0+TE

Generic Name

Dosage Form




Netrogreen used on fruit trees- almonds- apples- vine- olive- citrus- cotton- wheat- beets- summer and winter vegetables- field crops- greenhouses- ornamental plants- landscaping- nurseries and others.
Netrogreen over the ability of plants and trees to give the shoot a great benefit in cooperation with the rest of the amount of nutrients to improve production and fruit quality to be of high standard.
Netrogreen component of a mobile soil- increasing irrigation caused the soil washed into the deep- and thus lose the whereabouts of the roots- so it is advisable to spray and paper as easily absorbed through the leaves in the event of fertilization paper to take advantage of Hmaalanasr important and ensure that its loss.
When the need for that item in large quantities must be added through the roots is also within the irrigation systems- so we recommend always adding Netrogreen within these networks- one third East from the time of irrigation studied and applied effectively to ensure that the manure out of the roots of plants- the fact that this element movable within the soil and it is easy loss part of it.
Early use of Netrogreen with the beginning of the growth leads to improved plant health and to prevent the emergence of the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency and poor plant growth.
Netrogreen must add several installments during the growing season to ensure you get a good shoot of plants.

Usage of Netrogreen 40+0+0+TE

Azotey liquid soluble fertilizer is used on the papers and workshops within the spray-irrigation and drip fast absorption
By the roots and leaveا


1, 5 liter

Usage rate for Netrogreen 40+0+0+TE

Fertilization under irrigation:
1.5 - 2 liters / sq.m within the
 irrigation systems.
Fertilization should be repeated this 4-5 times during the growing season- and fertilization is essential- can support Altzmidalosasa quantities by spraying the paper.
Fertilization paper:
A rate of 200-250 ml / 100 liters of water
Is an additional complement to the basic fertilization- and pesticides can be added- preferably with a small test before spraying expanded for the entire field.
Keep out of reach of children and is stored in original containers in a cool dry place


Each 100ml contains:
nitrogen (N) 40% w/v