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Netrogreen 40+0+0+TE


Netrogreen used on fruit trees- almonds- apples- vine- olive- citrus- cotton- wheat- beets- summer and winter vegetables- field crops- greenhouses- ornamental plants- landscaping- nurseries and others.<br>Netrogreen over the ability of plants and trees to give the shoot a great benefit in cooperation with the rest of the amount of nutrients to improve production and fruit quality to be of high standard.<br>Netrogreen component of a mobile soil- increasing irrigation caused the soil washed into the deep- and thus lose the whereabouts of the roots- so it is advisable to spray and paper as easily absorbed through the leaves in the event of fertilization paper to take advantage of Hmaalanasr important and ensure that its loss.<br>When the need for that item in large quantities must be added through the roots is also within the irrigation systems- so we recommend always adding Netrogreen within these networks- one third East from the time of irrigation studied and applied effectively to ensure that the manure out of the roots of plants- the fact that this element movable within the soil and it is easy loss part of it.<br>Early use of Netrogreen with the beginning of the growth leads to improved plant health and to prevent the emergence of the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency and poor plant growth.<br>Netrogreen must add several installments during the growing season to ensure you get a good shoot of plants.

Usage and Dosage

التسميد ضمن شبكات الري:<br>1.5 - 2 ليتر / دونم ضمن شبكات الري.<br>يجب تكرار هذا التسميد 4 - 5 مرات خلال موسم النمو، ويعتبر تسميد أساسي، يمكن دعم التسميدالأساسي بكميات عن طريق الرش الورقي.<br>التسميد الورقي: <br>بمعدل 200 - 250 مل / 100 ليتر ماء<br>يعتبر إضافي مكمل للتسميد الأساسي، ويمكن إضافته مع المبيدات ويفضل إجراء تجربة صغيرة قبل الرش الموسع لكامل الحقل.<br>يحفظ بعيداً عن متناول الأطفال ويتم التخزين في العبوات الأصلية في مكان جاف وبارد