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Master 50 EC

Master 50 EC

Generic Name


agricultural pesticide


Master 50 is a group of pesticides Albaartheroid works by contact and the digestive system- its effect lasts from one week to three weeks.


100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1liter


Sprinkle Master 50 after mixing ratio determined from the water- bringing the solution to spray all parts of the plant and get full coverage- 
Once the applications are re-infection and the emergence of the renewal. 
Pre-harvest: the harvest can be directly after spraying 
- Fruit trees- apples and nuts: 
Branches of peach borer- Hefrat tunnels- by: 20-25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Buds of apple beetle- tiger pear- rose: 20 ml / 100 liters of water 
Kanode- rig a centuries-long- pears- peas- fruit fly- peach fruit fly- a rate: 25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Hoblukamba worm apples- apricots- fruit beetle- a rate: 15 ml / 100 liters of water 
Of green peach- rose: 10-25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Stalk borer apple- rose: 15-25 ml / 100 liters of water 
- Cereals (wheat- barley)- corn: 
Madgat seedling- worm culture- grain beetle- by: 150 ml / h 
American bollworm- a rate: 125-200 ml / h 
Worms biting- by 100-150 ml / h 
European maize stalk borer- rose: 200-250 ml / h 
- Legumes: 
Of clover- flowers- beetle- butterfly centuries- peas- cabbage beetles leg- a rate: 150 ml / h 
Of peas- Hefrat tunnels- per: 250 ml / h 
American worm- rose: 125-250 ml / h 
- Vegetables:
Worms securities- rose: 100-250 ml / h 
Colorado beetle- thrips- worms biting- by 100-150 ml / h 
Hefrat Two papers- by 150-250 ml / h 
American bollworm- a rate: 125-250 ml / h 
Melon fly- fly Alqtaúaat- rate: 125 ml / h 
- Karma: 
Worm buds- rose: 150-200 ml / h 
Manna- per: 200 ml / h 
Securities with a worm hook- by 150 ml / h 
Bugs farinae by: 250 ml / h 

Note: the olive- when using such grafts Hedroleezzat Master with 50 being reduced by half the rate of use- while the rate remains the solution in 100 liters of water per hectare as is.


LD50 to female rat oral 575 mg / kg and female mice through the skin 3100 mg / kg anti-poisoning: diazepam. Toxicity to Bees: Not toxic to bees- and can be sprayed on crops and trees flowering stage toxic to fish and birds: non-toxic to birds- toxic to fish.


Each 1 liter contains:
Deltamethrin 50g