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Ichthyol ointment

Ichthyol ointment Veterinary

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Indications of Ichthyol ointment Veterinary

This product is a superficial skin infection and abscess in different animals: cats, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, and cows.

black ointments or "drawing salves":
It is also known as Ammonium bituminosulfonate, ammonium bituminosulphonate, and ichthammol.
It is a product of natural origin obtained in the first step by dry distillation of sulfur-rich oil shale (bituminous schists). By sulfonating the resulting oil (or purified fractions thereof), and subsequent neutralization with ammonia, 
Ichthammol results as a viscous, water-soluble substance with a characteristic bitumen-like odor. It is used in medicine to treat different skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis (see below). It is sometimes called "black ointments" or "drawing salves".



Usage and dosage for Ichthyol ointment Veterinary

The infected place is washed with warm water and then dried well and ointment is applied twice a day.
the treatment continues until recovery.
It is suitable for most animals including cats, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, and cows.

Withdrawal Period

There is no withdrawal period for this product


Each 1g contains:
Ichthyol 50 mg