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Humant powder organic fertilizer Humic acid potassium humate and trace metals

Generic Name:

Organic matter + organic carbon

Dosage Form:



organic fertilizer


Humant powder organic fertilizer Humic acid potassium humate and trace metals

A highly concentrated organic fertilizer of plant origin that contains a group of humic acids, preventive and curative for weak plant growth by improving the properties of the soil, thus facilitating the absorption of the nutrients available in it and adding new nutrients that are easy and fast to absorb and results.
 It is used on all types of fruit trees, apples, almonds, vines, olives, citrus, pistachios, vegetables, greenhouses, crops, wheat, cotton, sugar beet, ornamentals, and green areas.

Indications of Humant:

• Improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil and its fertility.
• Revitalizing the root system of the plant and increasing its spread over a wide area.
• Activating the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria in the soil, which raises the proportion of humus.
• Raising the ability of the soil to store larger amounts of water useful for the roots.
• Increasing the roots' ability to withstand thirst.
• Improving production quantitatively and qualitatively.
• Helps the soil to retain greater amounts of nutrients beneficial to the plant, improving its ability to absorb them and preventing their loss



Usage and dosage for Humant:

Within the irrigation networks: 20-100 g/dunam added in the middle third of the irrigation time.
Spray on the leaves: 250 - 400 g / 1000 liters of water.
 Treatment is repeated 3-5 times per season, while in dense crops and greenhouses, it is repeated 3-8 times.
How to use:
The material is 100% soluble in water, and it is preferable to dissolve the required amount with a small amount of water while stirring until complete dissolution, then add the rest of the required amount.


It can be mixed with most pesticides, fertilizers, and biological compounds unless otherwise advised, and it is not recommended to be mixed with fertilizers containing calcium, and it is always preferable to do a small experiment before extended use.


Non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants when used, of course, for instructions


Each 100g contains:
Organic matter75% w/w
organic carbon30%
: Sodium less than5%