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Furosemide 25

Furosemide 25 veterinary medicine / product

Generic Name


Dosage Form



Indications of Furosemide 25

This product is used to treat water and sodium retention caused by heart failure, and edema. renal failure is associated with decreasing in urine volume, accumulation of liquids in the body, and increased diuresis in poisoning cases


10, 20, 25, 50ml

Usage and dosage for Furosemide 25

i.m & i.v:
Horses and cows:10-20ml daily.
Dogs and cats:0.5-1ml /kg daily.
(Treatment period is according to vet's advice)

Withdrawal Period

For milk: 3 days - For meat: 7 days.


Each 1ml contains:
Furosemide25 mg