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Fog thrin

Fog thrin

Generic Name

Deltamethrin + tetramethrin + piperonyl butoxide


pesticides for public health


Fog thrin is a special insecticide to be used in the form of a mist or ultrafine spray (ULV), so it is not used with water. It follows the group of pyrethroid insecticides specialized in killing flying and crawling insects with an immediate stun effect, ensuring high effectiveness in eliminating flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and other flying and crawling insects. Its low toxicity makes the pesticide safe to use.
The preparation: A compound that contains deltamethrin as a lethal agent, tetramethrin as a stunting agent, and piperonyl butoxide as a stimulant. It is used in public health programs to combat disease vectors.

Usage of Fog thrin

Insecticide to control public health insects
The mist spray is intended to control flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, etc. It has an immediate, stun effect and a killer effect.


1 Litter

Usage rate for Fog thrin

- Thermal fogging: The product is dissolved in diesel or kerosene.
 Mist diffuser devices: Dissolve 1 liter of Fog-thin in 149 liters of diesel, then use 5 liters of the mixture per hectare = 33.3 ml of Fog-threne per hectare.
– ULV devices: Dissolve 1 liter of Fog-threne in 14 liters of diesel, then use 0.5 liters of mixture per hectare = 33.3 ml of Fog-threne per hectare.


* Read the label carefully before use and follow the recommended instructions carefully.
* Avoid spraying during and against the direction of the wind. *Before use, clothing, shoes, gloves, and protective glasses should be worn. *Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking during use. * Avoid polluting ponds, water sources, and channels. *Empty containers must be destroyed by perforating, distorting, and burying them in a place far from water sources.


Oral LD50 for a female rat > 6000 mg/kg L
D50 - Percutaneous for a female rat > 2100 mg/kg


Each 1 liter contains:
Deltamethrin 10g
tetramethrin 15g
piperonyl butoxide 80g