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Generic Name




- Used in humid places and sewage
And next to rivers
- In the form of waxy cubes do not dissolve easily in water trading- with a distinctive color to distinguish them easily and quickly and to prevent accidental use
- A single dose to



Usage rate for Farmat

Mice and rats are intelligent animals-
So you must choose where to place bait in a measured way (ie- must be placed in hidden places attractive to rodents)

In humid places:

Cubes are placed in places where rats and mice and the hideouts and the whereabouts of food in their nests.

On sewage:

The cubes with a hole in order to link them with wire and hanging places Ttolha rodents.

Attention should be paid to compensate for the loss of taste constantly.

Should not be directly touching the hands of the grafts- therefore- should use protective gloves to avoid failure of rat eating it for taste because of his fear of touching the rights of taste.


Farmat eating by mouth reduces and prevents blood clotting and lead to a drain so you must transfer the injured to the nearest hospital in case of poisoning. Anti-poisoning: Vitamin K 1.


Each 100g contains:
Brodifacoum 0.005 %